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Published Sep 06, 21
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In unlisted market too, the dealings take place before the IPO but here actual delivery of shares takes place. The payments are usually made through the bank and the shares are transferred in demat account. The dealings between two parties are made on mutual trust. Dealing in an unlisted(Pre-IPO) market is legal.

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Usually, investors take grey markets and unlisted markets in the same meaning but both are different in many ways. The grey market premium (GMP) is the additional value of the shares over the issue price at which the shares are traded in the grey market. If the amount is positive it is called as premium while if it is negative, it is called a discount.

If the grey market premium is Rs 10. It implies that the shares are trading in the grey market at Rs 110. There is no definite way to calculate the grey market premium. It depends on many factors like the valuations at which the listed peers are trading, subscription figures, HNI costing for IPO applications (applications in HNI category is mainly done by borrowed funds.

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I personally feel that the fundamentals of the company are important more than anything else. However, tracking the grey market can give some indications to the IPO applicants as to where the shares are expected to list on their listing debut. It should only be taken as one of the indicators for applying in an IPO and no decisions should be made solely on grey market premium as the listing of shares may vary from the rates prevalent in grey market.

I think the deals are made purely on a word of mouth basis. As far as unlisted (pre-IPO) markets are concerned, there is a significant rise in awareness amongst the investors regarding this space. Investors can connect with dealers to buy such shares. However, utmost safety and precaution should be taken before dealing as dealings take place on a trust basis.

Competitive pricing also matters here as the rates are not listed. (Follow Money9 for latest Personal finance stories and Market Updates) .

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The grey market is an uncommon investment term. But here at Investment U, we try to cover it all. Our goal is to provide an investment education, tuition-free. So today, let’s add another term to our vocabulary. The short guide below explains two different use cases of a grey market.

And the second definition ties into the IPO market. What is a Grey Market? A grey market is an unofficial but legal market to sell goods outside of a brand’s distribution channels. This is typical when a product sells at a much higher price in one country and a lower price in another.

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A grey market is unregulated but legal. A black market involves the smuggling of illegal or restricted products. IPO Grey Market, The definition above is the general-use case. However, the term can also apply to investing around certain IPOs. This happens when trading is done over the counter (OTC) in special situations.

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Although an IPO roadshow typically involves a sales pitch of the company, it has one basic goal. The underwriters need to build and gauge the demand for securities. By uncovering any activity on the IPO grey market, underwriters can get a better estimate on demand and pricing. To learn more about investment tips and trends, sign up for our free e-letter.

Gray Market: Meaning, Gray Market or Grey Market is a marketplace where goods and/or financial securities are traded in an unofficial manner. It is not an illegal market place but it is just an unofficial marketplace. In the case of the goods market, this market supplies goods of the authorized brands from authorized manufacturers but through an unauthorized delivery channel.

There are unofficial dealers in this market, who take benefit of this price discrepancy. These dealers orders in bulk and still manages to sell at prices lower than the market price even after adding their profit margins. The other name of Gray Market is Parallel Market. IPO Gray Market, Gray Market for financial securities is known as IPO Gray Market.

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This premium can be negative or positive, depending on the investor’s sentiments. It gives an estimate to the investors and the issuer on the price estimates of the stock according to the supply and demand of the same. In IPO Gray Market, the fixed prices at which securities are sold even before getting IPO allotment and listing is known as ‘Kostak Price’.